Susan Lawless

Watch up close as Susan pulls clay pieces out of the kiln at bright red heat of 2000 degrees andĀ placing it into containers with combustible materials.

Illustration- Robert Hughes

Illustrator and digital designer, Robert Hughes, uses pencils and drawing media to create unique character creations for animation and stories.

Glass- Keri Lawrence

Keri incorporates glass along with other art mediumsĀ into her work. She is the Fused and Stained Glass Instructor at The Clay Lady's Studio.

Woodturner- Jeff Brockett

Jeff is the President of Tennessee's Association of Woodturners. He teaches classes throughout the state and sells his custom designs.

Potter- Alexie Smith

Alexie Smith is a talented potter who's work is vibrant and colorful. He teaches pottery class on Monday nights at The Clay Lady's Studio. Watch him throw pots on the potter's wheel.