Box O’ Theater

“BOX O’ THEATER – IMPROVISORS” treats the audience to small-space, very-short, improvised theater, based on audience suggestions, that may spring from any theater style or genre, from comedy to Shakespeare.  These micro-plays are uniquely contrived in a scrim-frame “theater”, accommodating only 4 audience members inside, but completely viewable by a larger audience from outside the frame.  Created by playwright/actor/improv comedienne Carolyn German, Box O’ Theater explores  the concept of the “fourth wall”, the various layers of actor-audience interaction, and the permissions that it gives both the player and the audience.
The cast is comprised of professional actors Carolyn German, Jackie Welch-Schlicher, Tamara Scott, and Mary Bailey, who use audience suggestions to create improvised 5-minute micro-plays, in styles that range from comedy to Shakespeare.  Uniquely-contrived as an exploration of the “fourth wall”, the  scrim-frame “theater” seats 4 inside, while others can view from outside the frame.